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Welcome to DecorALise
Hi we're Orlando and Anne Lise, founders of DecoraLise. I'm an architectural technologist and my wife is a teacher with a passion for everything that has to do with home decor.

Your home is a place that not only provides shelter but it's also a reflection of your personality and who you are, and for this reason the decor accents you use in it should be as unique as you.

That's why we created DecOraLise, a place where you can find amazing and functional decor accents that reflect your style, and help you not only transform your house into the perfect home but also express this uniqueness that  every home should have. We know how stressful online shopping can be, our goal is to bring a new approach to best home decor products, buying guide and reviews, emphasizing the importance of the customer's experience. We achieve that by giving you a friendly, easy-to- navigate and hassle-free website experience, paired with personalized and centric customer service.

Included in our website is a blog, where you can find the information you need on everyday home decor, from diy, home improvement to holidays decor tips  to inspire you in your next project.

We are proud to help you in making  your home the  peaceful haven that it should be.